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EcoGreen Tom's Cleaners Tom Cleaners have been growing choices for environmentally friendly Dry Cleaners And Laundry options, to save the Planet by Eco Friendly Techniques. With highly trained garment care specialists and hundreds of years of combined experience, we take dry cleaning to the next level. We are on the forefront of sustainability by using non-toxic cleaning agents and Wet Cleaning.

We take great pride in helping you look your best, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Once garments are clean, they're professionally pressed and hand-finished by our staff of experts. As Earth Day approaches, we wanted to remind you how to decrease your environmental footprint while increasing the longevity of your clothes. We include reusable garment bags as a reward for our customers who want to protect the environment.

read more › True - "going green" is motto of Eco Green Tom's Cleaner. It's a buzz-worthy topic of conversation, and a practice we embraced before it was fashionable. At TomCleaner we've always been ahead of the trend, because we value our community, the environment, and the people we serve. We're dedicated and committed to working with regulatory and legislative agencies on issues pertaining to the industry. Our mission is a kinder clean. We seek to take better care of fabrics, the people who wear them, and the planet where we live.

read more › People are experiencing very busy lifestyles these days, which makes it impossible for them to do all the traditionally domestic chores on their own. That's why most of the families rely on laundry service providers. Tom Cleaner offers immaculate laundry service through high-quality washer extractors and 100 percent RO water. The detergents used by us are of good quality which is both fabric friendly and skin friendly. We wash, iron and fold them carefully so that the garment looks new every time you wear them.

read more › At Tom Cleaners, You can rely on our experienced team of certified master dry cleaners to make your garments look their best. We work diligently to remove stains and odors using an eco-friendly solution that is tough on dirt and odor, but easy on your clothes and the earth. Our experienced cleaners launder and press shirts ensuring all buttons are intact, colors are bright, and whites are white. If a stain can be removed, we guarantee we can remove it. We pay close attention to customer preferences to ensure your clothes come back just the way you like them.

read more › Your wedding gown is much more than a dress, it is a treasure, a symbol of an important event in your life. After the ceremony and the reception you may find that your gown is much less picturesque than the gown in your wedding portraits. All those festivities have taken a toll on your beloved gown. The dress may have invisible stains from food, beverages, and body oils. If these stains are not removed, they may become permanent. Therefore, it is important to point out any stains or spills to your cleaner before cleaning.

read more › Dry cleaning is ideal for delicate fabric like Linen which can't be washed with water with traditional methods and Tom Cleaners has made its mark in providing such services. But what if your delicate garment requires some tough cleaning due to a stubborn stain or two? Sometimes dry cleaning isn't enough and some extra efforts are needed to fix the problem. That's why we offer excellent dry and wet services. Wet service doesn't mean the type of washing you do at your home. It uses very low amount of water and appropriate temperature to remove stains and dirt.

read more › Many bedspreads should be dry cleaned, specially tailored and quilted spreads. Check the care instructions when you make a purchase. The permanent care label law for apparel does not apply to household items, but usually care instructions appear either on a temporary label or on the packaging. Dry cleaning may be preferable for down quilts because it is easier on the outer shell. Wool-filled quilts could shrink or mat in laundering. It is wise to clean or launder all matching or coordinated items at the same time and by the same process.

read more › Eco Green Cleaners has a firm commitment to maintaining a clean environment for our children and for future generations. From our cleaning products to our packaging, you will feel good knowing your clothing is cleaned and processed with environmentally friendly methods. We use biodegradable poly bags, recycled hangers and offer hydro carbon cleaning; all to better take care of you and the environment. Because sometimes seeing is believing, you are always welcomed to tour of our facility and learn more about our green initiatives.

read more › We are extremely pleased to offer our unique Corporate Services Program to you and your staff. Our mission is to give your employees more time, less stress and quality cleaning second to none. We are confident that, once you experience our outstanding quality and service, this program will become a valued part of your employee benefits package. With our Corporate Services Program you and your employees will receive discounted rates for dry cleaning and laundry services, as well as FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY to and from your office.

read more › If I am unable to provide credit card information through this secure web page, I understand EcoGreen Tom's Cleaners will contact me by phone to obtain a valid credit card for security purposes, and that I will provide this information to complete my application and account setup for free pickup and delivery. I agree that charges on my account for cleaning services will accrue on a bi-monthly basis, and the total will be automatically billed to my credit card on mid and last day of the month. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our first priority.

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