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Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning offers the best residential carpet cleaning service in San Diego Ca. Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning offers the best commercial carpet cleaning service in San Diego Ca. Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning offers the best low moisture carpet cleaning service in San Diego Ca. Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning offers the best area rug carpet cleaning service in San Diego Ca.

Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning offers the best tile and grout cleaning service in San Diego Ca. Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning offers the best pet stain and odor removal service in San Diego Ca. Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning offers the best allergy relief carpet cleaning service in San Diego Ca. Smart Dry lists the most common carpet cleaning frequently asked questions in San Diego Ca.

Make stains, mold, and spots a thing of the past with San Diego's top carpet cleaning solution!. Welcome to Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning- the number one choice for carpet cleaners in San Diego. We know all there is to know about cleaning carpets, meaning we can have even the dirtiest carpets looking shop-fresh for you.

read more › Smart Dry is proud to offer the very best carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning service in the whole San Diego area. We take great care in our work, to ensure that you're blown away by the results we provide. What's more, we're always looking to improve our service, and retain the crown of being the best professional carpet cleaning service company in San Diego. Whenever new cleaning and restoration methods hit the market, we study them carefully so that we can incorporate them into our service.

read more › It's easy to make promises, but it's tougher to stick to them. There are a hue number of carpet cleaners out there, but worryingly, few of them actually follow their own guidelines and guarantees. However, at Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning, we take a different approach. All of our carpet cleaning technicians are fully educated and approved by the IICRC, to ensure that they can give your carpets and upholstery the care and attention that they need. We work hard to ensure that we go above and beyond what you might expect from a carpet cleaning company, and leave your carpets looking and feeling as good as new.

read more › Nobody likes a soaking wet carpet, so using dry extraction helps to make our job a lot easier. However, it also has plenty more benefits- most importantly, the fact that there's no risk of making the carpet overly damp. In these damp conditions, mold and mildew have the perfect opportunity to grow and thrive. If you've got a lot of mold in your home, wait no longer and call the best low moisture carpet cleaning service company in San Diego to remove the mold problem as soon as possible. If these problems are left unattended, they can lead to health problems for you and your family, as you will be constantly exposed to these harmful allergens.

read more › Area rugs and Oriental rug are a great way to bring a little extra opulence to any home. They help to create a mood in a room, and many people treasure these expensive items as a key part of their interior decor. However, it's likely that these beautiful pieces will see quite a high footfall over them as time goes on. They might keep the floor protected, but how do you ensure that your area rugs and Oriental rugs don't get damaged instead? Just like a normal carpet, area rugs will gradually pick up all sorts of dirt and dust that might be floating through the air inside your home.

read more › In everyone's home, there a piece of furniture that everyone fights to sit on. The most comfortable sofa, the best seat in the house- there are some pieces that just stand out from the crowd. Quite naturally, you'll want to keep these pieces of furniture clean and well-maintained, and cleaning them yourself once a week will go a long way to doing that. However, to really extend the lifespan of your upholstery furniture, it's a good idea to have them professionally cleaned from time to time. You can achieve that by hiring the best upholstery cleaning service company in San Diego.

read more › Tiles, whether stone or ceramic, are a great way of brightening up the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. Tiles come in all sorts of styles and patterns nowadays, allowing you to replicate the appearance of more expensive materials at a much more affordable cost. They're also great for the exterior of your home too, and can transform an entryway into a much more luxurious area. Whether they're on your bathroom walls or your backyard patio, stone and ceramic tiles are a core part of many people's homes.

read more › We can all agree that pets are great- they're loving, cuddly, and always happy to see us. However, what's not so great is when your pet has an accident leaving a bad smell and staining all over your carpets and upholstery. No need to worry though, you can always count on the best pet stain and odor removal company in San Diego to eliminate these bad pet smells and stains. If you don't treat the problem at the source, then the odor from these pet accidents can soon spread, so that your whole house stinks.

read more › Spots and stains in your carpets are problems that everyone will face at some point or another. While they are particularly common in homes with kids or pets running about the place, they can strike at any time. Some are easily removed, but others are next to impossible to eliminate without specialist equipment. Not to worry, though- the best carpet spot and stain removal company in San Diego has got you covered. If you come across a stain that you just can't shift, don't just ignore it. If you do, then the problem will worsen until it has a permanent impact on your carpet, doing real damage to the givers.

read more › As a business, your appearance is important- that's why companies spend a lot of money every year on their carpets and furnishings. If you want to keep them all looking their best, though, then the choice is clear: Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning will help to keep your workplace clean and healthy, as well as dramatically increase the lifespan of your carpets and furnishings. Whether you are a small startup of a large multi-national corporation, there's no job to big or small for us to handle, since we are the best commercial carpet cleaning service company in San Diego.

read more › Our carpet cleaning process is, quite simply, the best in the business. We don't just spray your carpets with water and leave them like some others do. Neither do we leave behind any traces of detergent- instead, we take the time to suck up every last particle, to leave your carpets as good as new, this is our promise as the best low moisture dry carpet cleaning service company in San Diego. We guarantee that spots and stains won't ever return when we clean your carpets, and you can therefore extend the life of your carpets by many years.

read more › When choosing a carpet cleaning company, it's not just about how much dirt they can get out of your carpets. You'll also want to think about the health of your family- and toxic chemicals could put that at risk. Instead, it's time to work with the best green carpet cleaning service company in San Diego, a green carpet cleaning company that only uses eco-friendly products. Well, you're in luck- Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning is just such a company! We never cut corners when it comes to the cleaning products we use.

read more › Remove any small or breakable objects. We will move most light furniture, but we ask that you handle the smaller stuff - things like knickknacks, breakables, and toys. It is also helpful to have an open equipment staging area in your garage. The day before your appointment you will receive a courtesy call from the best carpet cleaning service company in San Diego. You will receive another call shortly before we arrive. Usually right on schedule. There are rare occasions that we may be running either a little ahead or behind.

read more › While there are plenty of carpet cleaners out there to choose from, not all were created equal. Some, like Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning, are completely above board, and will be able to do a stellar job of cleaning your carpets. We even provide a complete carpet cleaning hiring checklist for San Diego to assure that you have chosen the right company for the job. Other companies, though, simply aren't up to standard- and some could even swindle you out of your money. They promise great results for rock-bottom prices, but in practice, it doesn't work out like that at all.

read more › Stains can strike your upholstery and carpets at any time. Fortunately, many of them are fairly easy to deal with- but only if you approach them in the right way. While you might naturally reach for a wet towel and start scrubbing at the stain, this is actually the last thing you should do. You could easily end up setting the stain even deeper in- but luckily, we're here to put you on the right path because we have the best stain removal tips in San Diego. Read on to learn some simple yet effective home stain treatments.

read more › For people with no allergy, the springtime is a wonderful time of year, as nature reawakens after the cold of winter, and beautiful plants start to sprout and bloom. However, those with allergies often spend the spring suffering and you may need to call the best allergy relief carpet cleaning service company in San Diego in order to avoid this from happening to your family. With all that pollen and other allergens in the air, it's a time of runny noses and sore throats for people with hay fever.

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