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Swift Cleaners is a family owned and operated dry cleaners in the heart of DuPont. Over 60 years of combined experience helps us consistently provide exceptional dry cleaning quality and customer service that our customers can always rely on. We want to be your one stop shop for all your garment care needs. All of the work is done on site with just a few exceptions.

We have a seamstress on site for all your tailoring needs, clean and preserve wedding gowns, clean leather, fur, and suedes, and even clean rugs. We try our best to be GREEN by using eco-friendly detergents and dry cleaning products. We recycle and reuse any supplies that we can. In the summer of 2018, we installed the newest state of the art dry cleaning machine that requires less water, less gas, and less electricity.

At Swift Cleaners we strive to provide you with superior dry cleaning service and quality by meeting and exceeding your expectations.

read more › Dry Cleaning is a method of cleaning garments without the use of water, thus called "dry" cleaning. In the place of water there is another solution that the garments are cleaned in. Dry Cleaning machines are like giant washing machines about the size of a small car. Dry Cleaning is very good at removing oil stains or stains that are soluble in a solvent other than water. It is bad at removing water soluble stains, such as wine, coffee, ketchup, dirt, general dinginess, etc. To clean your garments and remove the stains, WE TREAT MOST STAINS BY HAND to make sure that it receives the proper mix of solutions to neutralize and remove the stains from the garment.

read more › Here are some pro-tips from us to help you keep your garments in the best condition and to make things easier for you and us. Do not apply any sort of heat to blood stains and that includes hot water, steam, hot dryer, etc. It will set the stain in forever. Do not let stains sit on your garments for extended periods of time. A week is not so bad, but bring it to us sooner rather than later for best chances of getting the stains out. Please bring wine stains to use without treating them. When they are pre-treated with anything, from Tide Pens to club soda, it makes it harder for us to get the stain fully out.

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